The bridge between Adobe Captivate and Adobe Animate

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Sync Animations with Captivate Timeline

Build the animation in Adobe Animate, but time the animation to the voiceover in Captivate.

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Interact with Captivate Variables

Changing a Captivate variable from Animate is as easy as writing X.captivate.variables.MyVar = "New Value";

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Build interactions

Make MovieClips change their frame based on a Captivate variable, display a Captivate Variable value in an animate text field. All this and more.

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Load your Javascript code into Captivate

CpMate can act as a platform to load your own Javascript Libraries directly into Captivate. Need to update the code? Just republish the Adobe Animate project and update it in Captivate. No more tinkering with Captivate's HTML templates!

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