# Building Animations

CpMate does it's best not to tie you down to one way of animating. Your ability to build animations is limited only by your understanding of how to use Adobe Animate. For which there are pleanty of resources on the internet to help you learn. Shoutout to Cartoon Smart for whom I made my first training course ages and ages ago. They still provide extremely cheap quality training.

# Things to keep in mind

  • Building a HTML5 animation is quite different to building an ActionScript 3.0 animation. Certain Adobe Aniamte features are disabled (such as filters). Others are enabled but are not advisable (such as shape tweens).
  • You may be testing your course on the latest iPhone, but you can't trust everyone in your audience will be viewing the animation on a such a well powered device. While an animation may look beautiful on your phone, the frame-rate on a low-tier device may be so bad that the animation is frustrating rather than instructive. Before building your animations, work out the 'lowest commond denominator' device for your audience and test your animations on THAT.
  • Whether you're using a responsive Captivate project or not, keep in mind different screen sizes. Your animation needs to be understandable on smalls screens as well as big.
  • If you're using the outer rendering feature, you'll want to test on multiple screen sizes to work out where the true limits of your stage will be.

Depending on your project, some of these points may or may not be a factor. However, picking your animation pause points will be a factor for all projects. We will discuss this next.